Our Company

Landis and Associates Unemployment Cost Control (UCC) service, is a highly respected provider of unemployment cost control and human resources (HR) services in the Pacific Northwest.

For nearly 20 years, Landis and Associates has controlled unemployment compensation cost for its clients. Our clients praise our personalized services and love their results. 

Based in Seattle, Washington, Landis and Associates offers a number of solutions for your HR cost control needs. Our solutions include the items listed below:

  • Minimizing the internal expense of maintaining an effective unemployment cost control program while providing superior quality in processing
  • Protesting all invalid or erroneous benefit charges against your account
  • Maximizing cost-savings potential by establishing uniform procedures at all locations
  • Reducing your unemployment tax rates to the lowest possible level.

Each year, more than $2 billion are erroneously charged to employers' tax accounts for unemployment benefits paid out to claimants nationwide. Landis and Associates provides the most accurate and thorough benefit charge audit services available.

A review of all payroll, claims, determinations, appeals and previous benefit charge histories by social security numbers is completed to determine if the charge is valid. Potential errors are reviewed by our expert staff, and benefit charge protests are submitted to the State, if applicable. The appropriate follow-up is completed to ensure a determination and proper credit is received for future tax rate verification.

Landis and Associates provides a full-service claims administration that is flexible and user-friendly. Our expert staff assumes full claims administration responsibilities from the initial filing of a claim to its final disposition.

When we first partner with your organization, a request is made for historical termination and claim data and a review and analysis is completed, allowing us to familiarize ourselves with your company. Power of Attorney letters are sent to the states in which you operate, advising them that we are authorized to represent you in matters related to unemployment compensation.

Upon receipt of unemployment documents, your Landis representative will contest claims on your behalf, appeal unfavorable determinations and decisions, and consult with your personnel in preparation for unemployment hearings should they occur. Landis and Associates will also provide your management personnel with expert unemployment hearing representation at the hearing itself. Should the hearing decision be unfavorable on your behalf, we can file an appeal with the State Board of Review.

We know that most employers have procedures in place for controlling unemployment compensation, and some do an adequate job. However, we can save an employer thousands of dollars in unemployment claim liability based upon our expertise in this area and resources solely devoted to your partnership with our firm.